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Plumbing, Piping, Sewer, and Drain in Fort Walton Beach, FL

AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc is your complete plumbing solution provider in Fort Walton Beach, FL. If water runs through it, our technicians can service and repair it.

It's easy to take your pipes and plumbing for granted, until something goes wrong. With all the water that runs through your building, and how old these buildings can become, pipes and fixtures are constantly under stress and wearing down.

When a pipe bursts or a leak springs, you need service from a trusted plumber to fix it fast. Turn to AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc.
Plumber at Work — Plumbing and Piping Fixed and Installed in Fort Walton Beach,FL

Remodeling and Renovation Plumbing

Add plumbing and pipes to a new space, or let us work with your existing plumbing to bring new rooms to life. We specialize in working with contractors to install complete plumbing for your buildings, from the water lines to the fixtures.
Commercial Bathroom for Washing Hands — Plumbing and Piping Fixed and Installed in Fort Walton Beach,FL

Faucets, Fixtures, and Toilets

Want a new look for your kitchen or bathroom? Faucet leaking or toilet won't flush? AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc services and installs fixtures of all types for your home or building. We'll work with you and your home, along with some of the leading brands in style and function, to outfit your room.

Water Heaters

How water powers your home and your building, speeding up cooking, cleaning, and everyday processes. When your hot water goes out, or your water heater doesn't produce enough water, it's both inconvenient and a waste of resources.

AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc fixes water heaters and installs new units from reliable brands like A.O. Smith and Rheem. Whether you're using a traditional system or want to upgrade to a tankless water heater, supplying hot water on demand, call us and put the best in the business on the job.
AO Smith
Water in Manhole — Plumbing and Piping Fixed and Installed in Fort Walton Beach,FL

Drain Cleaning

A backed up drain is both a health hazard and costly delay. Food, waste, minerals, and hair build up in a drain, stopping the drain and preventing wastewater from being properly disposed of. Store bought liquid cleaners are dangerous, can permanently damage your plumbing, and don't always clear the blockage – call AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc and let us put our equipment and expertise to work for you.

We use advanced equipment to snake into your drain and clear it out. We even use snaking camera equipment to digitally inspect your pipes for faults that require more service to get flowing again.
Plumber is Repairing a Leaky Drain in Bathroom — Plumbing and Piping Fixed and Installed in Fort Walton Beach,FL

Leak Detection and Repair

Most modern plumbing flows through pipes in your foundation, and as the building settles on the foundation, cracks and leaks in your pipes can appear. An undetected leak in your home can cause massive problems to the structural integrity, eroding the ground beneath your house and giving mold a breeding ground within your home or building.

AAA-1 Paul's Plumbing Inc uses the latest leak detection equipment to find the problems and fix them fast. In many cases, our equipment can dig underneath your home to fix the leak, instead of tearing up part of your foundation to fix it. This saves you time, money, and headache. Let us repair your slab leak!
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